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Six Benefits of Routine Service For Your Furnace

Six Benefits of Routine Service For Your Furnace

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Throughout the year, you’ll come to depend on your furnace for at least half of it, which means it’s important to keep up with the upkeep. The heating bill can be expensive enough without the additional cost of repairs, and a system in need of servicing might be the cause for most of those expenses. Worst of all is dealing with a busted heating system when you need it most. Like any appliance, your heating works best with routine servicing. If you need furnace repair in San Antonio, call Will’s All Pro. 

How Routine Furnace Services Can Help You

  • One less risk of a fire, gas leak, or carbon monoxide leak. A damaged furnace is more than a financial drain, but a major safety hazard. A furnace combusts fuel to produce heat, and if it’s malfunctioning, that could lead to gas and carbon monoxide leaks. Without proper ventilation, a fire can start  if there are flammable materials nearby. Gas leaks can also quickly start a fire and carbon monoxide leaks are fatal. If you suspect your furnace is old, or you ever smell gas, call a HVAC technician immediately. Servicing your furnace on a regular basis ensures that it’s fully functional, intact, and its safety fail-safes still work.
  • Your indoor air quality could improve. Besides preventing fatal safety hazards, routinely servicing your furnace can drastically improve your home’s indoor air quality. Your furnace works by ventilating and circulating heat throughout your home, and it has an air filter for debris and other contaminants. A system that’s lacking in service and maintenance, however, would imply that the air filter is dirty, and that means it’s circulating dirty air throughout your home. Depending on the size of your home, pets, and how often you use your furnace, you should schedule furnace repair in San Antonio at least once a year. 
  • Cheaper utility bills. A heating system that’s well maintained can work efficiently and run less often to heat your home. Heating bills are already costly enough, but a damaged machine overworking itself can drastically increase the cost. Proper maintenance saves more than just your utility bill, but the cost of avoidable repairs, or worse, an early replacement.
  • Less frustrating repairs or replacements. Your furnace will need the occasional repair, but a furnace in long need of servicing could result in several repairs adding up. Your furnace is complicated with a lot of components that need routine cleaning and tune ups. Most repairs can be prevented with regular care, which involves cleaning the air filter, keeping it properly ventilated, and tuning up parts when necessary.
  • You’re comfortable. Your comfort is important, but a malfunctioning system will have a hard time keeping your home warm and cozy. Furnace repair in San Antonio helps to keep things running effectively and efficiently. A functioning system also distributes heat evenly, preventing pesky cold spots and running the unit longer than necessary.
  • Your home’s better prepared for winter. The winter season can be a harsh time of year, and a disaster can happen. Heavy snowfalls and ice can weigh down your roof and cause a leak. The frigid temperatures outside put your plumbing at risk of freezing. It can also be unbearably cold outside, and a busted heating system makes for a very miserable winter. Routine service ensures it’s prepared for the hard work ahead come next winter.

Furnace Repair in San Antonio

Your furnace is a major home appliance, and like any major home appliance, it can benefit from routine servicing. Proper maintenance, however, involves much more than scheduling inspections with a HVAC technician. There’s much you can do on your own to keep your heating system running effectively, and it starts with ensuring your unit is properly ventilated and clear of obstructions. Clean or replace the air filter as instructed, clean the air ducts and vents, wipe down the blower with a damp cloth. Periodically check your home’s thermostat to see if it’s consistent with the temperature inside your home, as a malfunctioning system may actually be a malfunctioning thermostat. Be watchful for anything unusual and act immediately if you smell gas.

Teat Your Furnace Right – Choose Will’s All Pro

Winter and cold temperatures are just around the corner. Don’t wait until you need your furnace to make sure that it is working properly and efficiently. Annual furnace tune-ups are important! With a furnace tune-up you know that when the temperature drops, you will stay comfortable. Here are a few benefits of a furnace tune-up done by us:

  • Save money on costly furnace repairs by preventing issues before they cause bigger problems
  • Save money on utilities from operating your heating system more efficiently
  • Stay warm when the temperature drops by ensuring that your system is operating properly ahead of time
  • Increase the lifespan of your HVAC system by reducing wear and tear from operating inefficiencies
  • Keep your family safe from a hazardous malfunctioning furnace

If you need furnace repair in your San Antonio home or business, call Will’s All Pro today to schedule your service! 

By Dan Burrows

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